EXCLUSIVE: Why You're Going to Be Obsessed With Colombian Singer Ali Stone

Exclusive: Colombian Singer Ali Stone on New Music, Cosplay, & Pizza

Ali Stone is the prototype for the 2015 new artist. Gone are the days where record labels fostered new talent, put tons of marketing dollars behind them and hired the best songwriters and producers for their debut album.

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Today, if you’re smart you’ll do it all by yourself (with some help, of course, along the way). The Bogota-born Stone is a singer, producer, songwriter, engineer and DJ. With her EDM-inspired “Obsessed” as one of the most slept-on tracks of the year and a new Forever 21-theme song (“Forever”) under her stylish belt, Stone is gearing up for a big 2016.

Tell us about your new EP, More Obsessed.

Well, this is my first EP that I released as an artist. It has four songs that I completely wrote, produced, and engineered. The songs vary between a pop, an acoustic version, a dip house and hip-hop.

When did you decide about making music your career?

All my life I’ve had music in me. When I was 4, I began to take classical piano lessons, and then I began to play the guitar when I was 7. I began to play the drums when I was 10, 12, I also took vocal lessons. So I had all that musical background before, and then I decided to go into music production. So I began to make remixes to investigate how ProTools, Logic, everything. When I decided to make all my music, I decided to implement all of those details into my own craft. I decided to make everything that’s on my album to make it also more personal, and to deliver 100 percent of me. It’s a very long process of discipline, and working for hours. It’s good because I can say that I have my own sound.

What type of music were you listening to as a teenager?

When I was a teenager I was actually into rock, like heavy rock, almost metal. But, I also liked a lot the classic champeta, which was at the time the big sound in Colombia specifically. The electronic music influence began when I moved to Paris, where I lived for a year. I moved to study French and to study photography, cuisine, and lots of things. But when this music project began, I decided to bring those electronic influences from Europe and unite them with all the influences I had before from my life in Colombia. So for example, that’s why there’s a trap remix of “Obsessions” and it has some Latin percussion. So I think it’s a great fusion of both worlds.

You have so many versions of your song “Obsessions.” Why so many?

Mainly because I wanted to show people all the faces I can have in music, so that they don’t catalog me just in a specific genre, but that they know I can make trap music, pop music, dip house music and also to show the different faces, the obsessions the concept can have. For example, the first track that is the pop, acoustic, it’s like a more obsessions referring to like the love of a lifetime. The dip house one is like a darker obsession and the trap one is like an evil obsession. So it’s to make a variation of the lyrical content and the musical content.

You’re obviously obsessed with music. What else are you obsessed with?

I’m also obsessed with pizza. I love pizza. I could live 24/7 with pizza. I also love comics.

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