Alejandro Sanz to Hugo Chavez: "Let Me Sing in Your Country"

Alejandro Sanz is extending an olive branch to Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, imploring him over Twitter to allow the Spanish singer to hold a concert in Caracas. 

"President Chávez, I want to go and sing in your country. Will you let me? Will you give me your word that nothing will happen to my public... nor to me?" Sanz tweeted.

"If you give me permission and your word that nothing will happen, I will end my [current] tour in Venezuela. You have the final word."

Sanz hasn't played a concert in Venezuela since 2004 and has been persona non grata in Venezuela since saying he "didn't like" Chavez during a press conference before his last scheduled show in the country in November of 2007.  Shortly after the press conference, local officials canceled his performance for "security reasons." 

Neither Venezuelan officials nor Hugo Chavez have officially responded to Alejandro Sanz's inquiry.