Alejandro Sanz is Coming to a City Near You!

Our favorite contemporary Spanish balladeer, Alejandro Sanz, continues his successful Paraiso Tour run throughout the United States, having kicked off the tour July 15th in Highland, California. And as every diehard Sanz fan knows, his concerts are always memorable experiences—which is why he sells out arenas all over the world. This time around, he’s taking it to another level by bringing some of his A-list musician friends onstage with him. Last Friday at the Gibson Ampitheater, he brought out special guests Juan Luis Guerra and Ricardo Montaner. Likewise, the 17-time Grammy winner will bring Juanes onstage with him during his Miami concert on August 7 at the American Airlines Arena.

We caught up with Sanz in between dates:

What does your spiritual paradise consist of these days?
Spending time with my audience every night, being in contact with them, showing them a good time and giving back a little bit of everything that they give me. That’s my biggest joy and why I do what I do.

What’s the fastest way to get to that paradise?
The secret to transporting yourself there is knowing what your individual paradise is. You just have to search for it with an open heart and you’ll find it.

What new cities are part of this new tour and what has your experience been like there?
During this U.S. leg, I’ve gone to some places in California for the first time, like Highland and St. Ynez, and that has been a great experience. The world is so big and I feel like we never stop discovering new places, experiencing new things, and meeting special people. I’m really lucky to have embarked on so many tours that have made me feel alive and I hope it will continue that way for a very long time. In October I’ll be going to Bolivia for the first in my career, which I’m excited about.

What are your essentials before hitting the stage—any special rituals or amulets?
I don’t have big rituals or amulets because I feel it generates a sort of dependency; if you don’t have them you can start to feel too vulnerable or unprotected. I feel like the luck, peace of mind, strength, or whatever you want to call what amulets give you should be found within yourself. In my case, before a concert, I like being with my people, relaxing or having a good conversation, or working on technical aspects of the concert, so that everything can be perfect and people can enjoy the kind of production they deserve.

What’s the one song you feel compelled to sing at every one of your concerts, no matter how many years go by?
I’m lucky to have many obligatory songs which the audience and I greatly enjoy. If I had to name one I’d say “Corazon Partio.” It’s a song that must always be present because I feel people really feel attached to it and it broke barriers