Album News: Demi Lovato Channels John Mayer, Mariah Collabos with The-Dream

Kelly Clarkson may be sitting pretty at the pop queen throne this week, but two other ladies--one emerging into her own, the other fully established and then some--will be aiming to steal her spotlight soon. Disney songstress Demi Lovato and Mariah Carey are currently in the first stages of recording their new albums, and they're seeking inspiration from real hitmakers.

Lovato, the 16-year-old who reached starlet-dom last fall with her punk-pop debut album, Don't Forget, tells MTV News that her music will be much more mellow this time around. "It's going to take a different sound, so hopefully it goes over well," says Lovato. "I sing a lot of rock, but this time I want to do more John
-ish type of songs. Hopefully I can write with people like him." Sounds promising, as long as Lovato doesn't go too soft on us and cross the adult contemporary line!

Then there's Mariah, who of course has countless hits under her belt and faces the daunting task of topping herself yet again. Her strategy? R&B hitmaker The-Dream, who spilled the beans about the title of Mimi's next project--MC3, which we can't lie, isn't our favorite album name in the world--and says he already hit the studio with the singer last week. "I'm trying to do the whole thing," gushes The-Dream. "I love her, she's everything. She's down, she's
cool, she gets it. You think she's this big, but she gets it. She's all
the way in there." The-Dream, who wrote Mariah's last major hit, "Touch My Body," adds that he won't take Mariah in a whole new direction. "It's like we're trying to make a greatest hits without using the greatest hits," he says.

Which album are you more excited to hear: Demi Lovato's soft-rock sophomore set, or Mariah's hip-pop extravaganza?