Adrienne Bailon's Cheetah Girl Days Are Officially Over

Say goodbye to The Cheetah Girls! Pop songstress Adrienne Bailon, who seems to have bounced back from her nude photo scandal, confirmed to teen blog Just Jared Jr. that she and the other Cheetah Girls, Sabrina Bryan and Kiely Williams, have officially broken up.

Here's what Bailon had to say about her former girl group and employers over at Disney:

“I think that the brand has now come to an end...We had a great run.
But I think Disney - it was a platform for us to continue the dreams
and they want to spread the same Cheetah Girl message to carry with us,
which is girl empowerment. Every project that the three of us do will
always incorporate that. We’ll be friends forever."

So what's next for Bailon? As was the first to report, the singer is currently working on a reality show with MTV. Perhaps she got the itch from her boyfriend, Rob Kardashian, and his infamous sisters Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney. At any rate, we'll definitely stay tuned to see how this plays out.

Will you follow Bailon's post-Cheetah Girls career?