8 Latin Singers Who Can Go Note-For-Note With Adele

Adele is known for having one of the most incredible voices in the industry, but these Latinos can surely give the 27-year-old singer a run for her money.

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Christina Aguilera's vocal talent can match (and beat) anyone, including Adele's. The mother-of-two has a voice that ranges four octaves, aka the girl can sang!


Demi Lovato has a voice that is distinctive and will blow you away, so she serves as some serious competition. 


Mariah Carey is known for her legandary voice that can hit some of the highest notes. 


Luis Miguel's voice will make anyone shake in their boots. Referred to as El Sol de Mexico, Miguel is one of the most successful singers in Latin American history.


La India has been around since before the world even knew the name Adele. She has a powerful voice that will stay playing in your head for days. 


Marc Anthony's vocals have been making the ladies swoon for decades. He's known for his touching salsa hits and can reach all the high notes.


Natalia Jimenez gives us chills everytime she sings. It's no wonder she could go head-to-head with Adele.


Vicente Fernandez is known as the "King of Ranchera Music" and his breathtaking voice has been a huge part of Latino culture.