LISTEN: Abrina Releases Cover of Selena's "Missing My Baby"

R&B singer Abrina has pipes for days!

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The Mexican-American beauty, who dropped her highly-anticipated EP My Playground last year, is paying homage to none other than the Queen, Selena Quintanilla, with an amazing cover of "Missing My Baby." 

Not only was Abrina able to honor our beloved Texan beauty with this project, but she also got to meet with the Quintanillas, and even paid a visit to the studio where Selena used to record her songs.

"Sooooooo the craziest thing just happened...I just met the Quintanilla family," Abrina captioned a photo alongside Abraham and Suzette Quintanilla. "It was amazing to visit their work place and see them still doing amazing music! I will never forget the conversation I just had with Mr. Quintanilla, I'm in awe right now! #selenasfamily #latinroyalty #selenaylosdinos"

Like so many of us, Abrina looked up to Selena. “Selena was the first Mexican-American voice I looked up to ever since I was very young," she sad. "She spoke to young girls of my ethnicity and helped pave the way for all Latinas. I wanted to honor her by remaking one of her songs because I feel young girls today need to be exposed to more of her music which is timeless."

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Take your first listen to Abrina's cover of "Missing My Baby" below: