6 Great Bilingual Duets

Have you heard it? Thalia’s bilingual Feliz Navidad duet with Michael Buble is sweet and as cozy as hot chocolate by the Christmas tree. We’re definitely adding it to our Noche Buena playlist. Here are some other bilingual duets by Latino artists and friends that we rock to year-round.

1. Enrique Iglesias and Nadiya

“Tired of Being Sorry”—Enrique Iglesias and Nadiya

What do you to when you make a top ten hit song in English? Double your pleasure and make it in English and French. Enrique Iglesias paired up with French singer Nadiya in 2008 for this danceable take-me-back ballad.

2. Romeo Santos and Usher

“Promise”—Romeo Santos and Usher

Romeo’s crystalline falsetto and Usher’s velvety voice together in a bachata-meets-R&B song. They might as well have called it “Sex.”

3. “Angels”—David Bisbal and Jessica Simpson

“Angels”—David Bisbal and Jessica Simpson

The reality TV star/entrepreneur and the singing competition winner would be damned if they weren’t going to sing the “h-e-double hockey sticks” out of this weeper at the 2003 Latin Grammys. Big voices, elongated notes, plenty of puppy-dog looks into each others’ eyes. Jessica Simpson and David Bisbal did this one big, from their outfits to their emoting and you gotta love the effort.

4. “God’s Child (Baila Conmigo)”—Selena and David Byrne

“God’s Child (Baila Conmigo)”—Selena and David Byrne

This must have seemed a weird combination even for whatever drunk person scribbled this idea on a bar napkin: “Let’s pair voluptuous tejano singer Selena and the nerd-rock god David Byrne for a duet on the Don Juan de Marco movie soundtrack!” And yet, it works incredibly well, probably because neither singer is trying to force anything. Byrne’s plaintive singing is perfectly counteracted/complimented by Selena’s swirly embellishments. The perfect emulation of the song’s lyrics of two lovers seducing each other through dance. No video for this one, as Selena tragically died before one could be made, but enjoy this tribute.

5. “Diana”—Ricky Martin and Paul Anka

“Diana”—Ricky Martin and Paul Anka

In another “what the” music moment that eventually makes sense, Ricky Martin and 50s singer Paul Anka team up to cover Anka’s straightforward old love song. Though the pair seemingly have nothing in common other than a burning desire for this chick Diana (well, at least on paper), they actually have one big thing that they can relate on: both were pop idols that girl fans went into wild screaming fits for, as proved by the song’s cute video featuring footage from concerts and appearances by each singer.

6. “Looking for Paradise”—Alejandro Sanz and Alicia Keys

“Looking for Paradise”—Alejandro Sanz and Alicia Keys

You’d have to have a one very frosty heart to not put a smile on your face when you hear this bubbly tune. Keys’ bouncy round-the-way girl vocal stylings and Sanz’ raspy voice are like opposites attracting on a hot summer New York City street corner. Here they are performing it live at the 2009 Latin Grammys.