5 Things You Didn't Know About Pitbull

In honor of VH1's Behind The Music: Pitbull airing tonight at 9pm, we are counting down 5 things you didn't know about the Miami-bred hip-hop star. Check them out below!

He wants to live the quiet life:

The “Hotel Room Service” hitmaker revealed during a Q/A with Enrique Iglesias and George Lopez that he wants to “live the life of a Corona commercial” – and throw the empty bottle out at sea. We hope he includes a message in the bottle…just for us!


He was inspired by Mariah Carey’s song “Hero”:

Pitbull sells hit singles like hot cakes, but back-in-the-day he would turn to Mariah Carey for a little inspirational. The talented freestyler would spit his rhymes in the streets and eventually got the attention of his high school teacher who helped him land his first casting call for a DMX music video. Guess having the ‘strength to carry on’ paid off!

He has a baby mama:

Pitbull may be living up the single life now, but he used to date Barbara Alba, who he has two children with. During an exclusive interview with Latina for the “Hot Guys Issue” he said, "My kids are all characters…Sometimes my son will be like, 'Are we going in the Benz or the Beamer?' And I'm like, 'Hey, it's the white care or the silver car, OK? And what do you have to do to get something like this? Work hard. Because I'm not going to give it to you.' I tell them that my job is to be out here and their job is to go to school.”

He wants to be the next J.Lo:

After selling over 7.5 million singles worldwide, Pitbull is ready to build an empire. He told Latina exclusively, "I'm not here to exploit our culture - I'm here to empower it, and I want to build a brand like Jennifer Lopez." All we have to say is, dale!

He used to shop at Goodwill: 

During his appearance on the Lopez Tonight Show last year, Pitbull confessed to George Lopez that he used to live near the ‘mecca of Goodwill’ and that his mom Alysha Acosta still shops there. The Cuban rapper joked about having de todo un poco (a little bit of everything) from the charity store.

Watch this throwback of Pitbull on The Lopez Tonight show below. We love the Latina shout-out!