5 Signs You’re at a Latino Concert

We’re in the middle of concert season! Grab your tix, get your friends and head out to see Mumford & Sons. Maybe not. No offense to any M&S aficionados but if you want a real experience, you have to attend a concert by a Latino artist. As soon as you step into the arena if feels like a gigantic house party at your prima’s place. For the newbies, below are 5 Signs You Can Tell You’re at a Latino Concert.

1. United Nations

United Nations
You gotta let’em know you’re there! What better way than a stadium-sized flag of your country of origin? Once the artist gets going, almost every flag from Latin America is waving with pride. Que bonita banderas!

2. In The Club

In The Club
Club? We don’t need no freakin’ club. We hear music and for most of us it’s time to dance. At a concert no less! Coño! Too crowded in your seat? No problem! Go in the aisle and get in people’s way! Just go around me, homie! You see me dancing with my lady! Pssst!

3. Crowd Interaction

Crowd Interaction
In between songs (if it’s Pitbull during) the artist will start shouting out every Latin American country they can think of and, of course, the prerequisite, “Latinos.” A special one is dedicated to the artist’s country. Dale!

4. Dressed to Impress

Dressed to Impress
It’s not the prom. It’s not a wedding. You’re just going to the Romeo concert with your girls! Who knows maybe Romeo will see you and fall head over heels. Nah! The real reason is post-concert you’re hitting the club, baby!

5. Maria Juana

Maria Juana (wink wink)
Pero, it’s medical they say. Smoking la yerba buena is a staple at reggaeton concerts (see Tego, Don Omar, etc.). So if you’re a fan of the music but not of weed smoke, your best bet is to stay home for this one.