5 Break-Up Songs For The Newly Single on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t about roses and chocolates for everyone – especially someone going through a recent break-up. We all know the saying about troublesome relationships, ‘you can’t live with them and can’t live without them.’ Love is complicated, and we can’t live without these tracks that empower us, make us reminisce, and move on from those crappy relationships with grace. We are celebrating love and all its flaws by counting down our top 5 favorite break-up songs!

1. Prince Royce: “El Amor Que Perdimos”

Prince Royce: “El Amor Que Perdimos”

Prince Royce stole our hearts from the moment he hit the scene! The bachata singer from New York contrasts bitter lyrics with his soft angelic voice in "El Amor Que Perdimos” ("The Love We Lost") off of his hit self-titled album. Royce is featured pondering his heart away on the fire escape and reflecting underneath a bridge in NY. Who doesn't want to un-break his corazón?

2. Jennifer Lopez: “I’m Gonna Be Alright”

Jennifer Lopez: “I’m Gonna Be Alright”

Jennifer Lopez has had her share of heartbreak, but just like the track off of her second studio album “J.Lo,” she has proven that no matter what she is going to be alright. The Boricua pop singer’s video, “I’m Gonna Be Alright” featuring Nas, was filmed in the Bronx, New York and represents a barrio romance gone wrong. The track hit number ten on Billboard’s Hot 100. Despite singing about heartbreak, J.Lo’s real life romance with P. Diddy was going strong at the time of this single’s release back in 2001.

3. Christina Aguilera: “Fighter”

Christina Aguilera: “Fighter”

Christina Aguilera perfectly depicts the metamorphosis of a woman that goes from broken-hearted to self-empowered in the hit single, “Fighter” off of her Grammy-winning album, “Stripped.” The gritty rock-infused pop song dropped during the birth of Aguilera’s “Dirrty” image and made Billboard’s Hot 100 back in 2003. The 31-year-old singer, who has since divorced from husband and music executive Jordan Bratman, inspires even the most brokenhearted to pick up the pieces and say, “Thanks for making me a fighter.”

4. Luis Fonsi: “Nada Es Para Siempre”

Luis Fonsi: “Nada Es Para Siempre”

We can’t think of a better break-up song than Luis Fonsi’s hit track “Nada Es Para Siempre” ("Nothing Lasts Forever"). In 2005, the Puerto Rican singer dedicated the track to his former wife, Adamari López, who was battling breast cancer at the time. The couple has since split and Fonsi moved on with Spanish model, Águeda López. They have a daughter named Mikaela. Sounds like the classic saying, ‘Sometimes life imitates art.’

5. Beyonce And Shakira: “Beautiful Liar”

Beyonce And Shakira: “Beautiful Liar”

With lyrics straight out of a telenovela, Beyonce and Shakira are tangled in a web of lies and have been wronged by a heartless cheater in "Beautiful Liar." The 2007 pop song laced with Middle Eastern influences, also had a successful Spanish-speaking version "Bello Embustero." The English track hit number three on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. We love watching these ladies belly dance their way to female empowerment!