10 Latino Songs To Help You Weather The Storm

With Hurricane Irene posing a threat to the northeast this weekend, our staff made a list of our favorite songs to listen to during a storm. All of the songs we picked are about weather in some form or another, and they all help us relax. Here are our picks for the 10 songs to help you weather the storm. 

1. Songs: Rain Over Me

"Rain Over Me" by Pitbull and Marc Anthony


2. Songs: "Sale el Sol" by Shakira

"Sale el Sol" by Shakira


3. Songs: “All I Have” by Jennifer Lopez

“All I Have” by Jennifer Lopez 

4. Songs: “Gotas de Lluvia” by Grupo Niche

“Gotas de Lluvia” by Grupo Niche

5. Songs: "Lluvia" by Eddie Santiago

"Lluvia" by Eddie Santiago

6. Songs: “Llueve el amor” by Tito el Bambino

“Llueve el amor” by Tito el Bambino 

7. Songs: "Lighting In The Sky" by Santana

"Lighting In The Sky" by Santana

8. Songs: Gotas de alma dulce

“Gotas de Agua Dulce” by Juanes

9. Songs: Juan Luis Guerra

"Ojala Que Llueva Café” by Juan Luis Guerra

10. Songs: "Lluvia al Corazon", Mana

"Lluvia al Corazon", Mana