The 10 Best Songs of the Year by Latino Artists

2011 was full of chart-toppers and hip-shakers from the hottest Latino artists. We decided to take a retrospective look at the songs that got us dancing and singing along. From Jennifer Lopez to Pitbull and Demi Lovato to Selena Gomez, they’re all here! These are the songs that were stuck in our heads this year and were infectious enough to influence the music scene for the better. See if your favorites made the list...

1. 10 Best Songs: You Make Me Feel

Cobra Starship - "You Make Me Feel"

Urugayan Cobra Starship front man Gabe Saporta knows how to make people feel good with his music. “You Make Me Feel” is the perfect example of that.  This song is putting his band on the map and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for listeners next year!

2. 10 Best Songs: Love You Like A Love Song

Selena Gomez - "Love You Like A Love Song"

The infectious tune of Selena Gomez’s “Love You Like A Love Song” always stays in our heads after we hear it. She’s been heading to the top of the music industry since her first single, “Naturally” and with pop star boyfriend Justin Bieber, it shouldn’t be too hard for this part-Mexican songstress to conquer it altogether. 

3. 10 Best Songs: Tonight I'm Loving You

Enrique Iglesias - "Tonight (I'm Loving You)"

The second this song hit the radio airwaves, we knew Enrique Iglesias had found his musical niche – sexy dance songs that make people want to get down on the dance floor. He’s always been smoldering, but now Iglesias is just smoking hot. We can’t get enough of “Tonight (I’m Loving You).”

4. 10 Best Songs: Give Me Everything

Pitbull - "Give Me Everything"

Let’s face it: Pitbull has been on top of his game this year. There’s simply no stopping this hit maker. We saw him up-close-and-personal at our 15 year anniversary party and he was a force of nature on stage. Known for collaborating with other Latin artists like J.Lo and Marc Anthony, Pitbull’s Cuban swagger with this song makes for a feel-good dance hit that makes people of any ethnicity want to bust a move. 

5. 10 Best Songs: Skyscraper

Demi Lovato - "Skyscraper"

When our cover girl Demi Lovato made her comeback post-rehab for emotional and physical issues, she proved to the world that she still had what it takes to make a hit. For her third studio album, she decided to release a heartfelt single over a dance song. The result? “Skyscraper” won her accolades in the industry and a Teen Choice Award for Best Summer Song. Very well deserved in our opinion. 

6. 10 Best Songs: Wepa

Gloria Estefan, "Wepa"

 Gloria Estefan’s musical comeback, “Wepa” turned out to be a great way to reintroduce the world to the legendary wonder that she is. The beat on this song is absolutely infectious and will make you wish you were in South Beach, Miami. Get ready to shake your hips and start dancing along!

7. 10 Best Songs: Promise

Romeo Santos feat. Usher - "Promise"

Romeo Santos blended Spanish pop and American R&B with Usher on “Promise,” which gives listeners the best of both worlds. Of course, Santos’s voice makes us melt, but this song is pretty groundbreaking in terms of bring together these musical superstars. ¡A nosotros nos gusta!

8. 10 Best Songs - The Lazy Song

Bruno Mars - "The Lazy Song"

Part-Boricua musician Bruno Mars doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously. On “The Lazy Song,” that seemed to pay off. Who doesn’t love a feel-good song about being lazy? Mars knew what we wanted and he definitely delivered with this clever, catchy tune that made a huge splash this year!

9. 10 Best Songs: On The Floor

Jennifer Lopez - "On The Floor"

Jennifer Lopez’s dance floor anthem got her back on the top of the charts this year. We can’t help but want to groove along with J.Lo and Pitbull when listening to the song. Admit it, we all dance the night away when “On The Floor” is playing on the radio or in the club!

10. 10 Best Songs: Rain Over Me

Pitbull & Marc Anthony - "Rain Over Me"

Mr. Worldwide continues to extend the success of his summer album with a collaboration with salsero Marc Anthony on “Rain Over Me.” This incredibly catchy tune with a beat that encourages fist pumping proved that Pitbull is here to stay and that we as Latinos are unstoppable! We can't wait to see what he has in store for us in 2012. Dale!