Zoe Saldana on Fierce Females and Wonder Woman

Johnny Depp’s surprise appearance at at Comic-Con in San Diego this year wasn’t the only highlight of the conference. Latina’s July cover girl Zoe Saldana also stopped by with with Sigourney Weaver, Eliza Dushku, and Elizabeth Mitchell to talk about the role of female heroes in modern pop culture.

Saldana, who is starring as Neytiri in this years highly anticipated James Cameron film Avatar said it’s all about picking your battles. "Women in Hollywood are all united in finding better projects, in fighting for better interpretations and better roles," declared Saldana.

Saldana used Weaver as an example, saying Ellen Ripley was a role that could have been a man, but wasn’t. “Thank God for that,” she said. “We’ve come so far in the last 50 years. I mean, we have a black President, for God’s sake.”

Saldana also shared her opinion on another iconic female superhero: Wonder Woman, who has yet to be featured in a full length film. Industry insiders say that several attempts have been made to write a great Wonder Woman script, but people are scared of messing up the iconic character, originally played by Latina legend Linda Carter. Saldana's suggestion was that they turn the heroine into a "Matrix"-style kung fu chick, and that they find someone with a hot body for the title role! When asked about current "It" girl Megan Fox starring as Wonder Woman, Saldana seemed open to the prospect. We, on the other hand would love to see the role go to another Latina actress. Perhaps Jessica Alba, already versed in ass kicking roles since her turn as Dark Angel

Don’t forget to check out Zoe Saldana in Avatar scheduled to hit theaters December, 2009. And tell us: Who do you think would make a perfect silver screen Wonder Woman?