EXCLUSIVE: Yul Vazquez Talks Movie 'Runner, Runner' And Cuban Heritage


Sounds awesome! So tell us about your character Delegate Herrera. What drew you to this script? 

What drew me to a party like this one is that you could call it the traditional antagonist-villain. Villains are always fun to play. The trick is to make them humorous or charming in some way. I try to find the humor, and make them into a three-dimensional human being. 

How does your Latino heritage influence your work?

I mean, it’s in my DNA. It influences my everyday life continuously, in some more obvious ways than others. I think it’s just in the way I carry myself. The beauty is that I’ve done films in Spanish, and I’ve done films in English. I love acting in both. It just opens you up.

I think when you're born in another country, but speaking in another language, it does something. My first language was Spanish. I didn’t learn English until I went to school. It does something to your brain. It just opens you up to the universe in a different way. Even when I’m playing American characters, there’s still that indescribable sort of essence to me. 

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