You Got That "Good Hair"

When I was young, I had really long, wavy hair. My hair was my prized possession. It cascaded down past my waist and I was the envy of all the girls in my kindergarten class. Some of my earliest memories involve people fawning over my silky waves, and almost every conversation included someone saying, "Ooooh, you got that good hair."




But what is "good hair?" Chris Rock's new documentary Good Hair takes an interesting look at the impact the notions of "Good Hair vs. Bad Hair" has had on the African American community. Hair is incredibly important to our self image, especially for women, and most especially for women of color. It's sad that in spite of all the struggles and stereotypes women of color have surmounted, we still seem to cling to white washed notions of beauty. 

So we decided to ask you, our loyal readers, what your take is on the whole "Good Hair vs. Bad Hair" debate. Do you straighten your hair or wear it natural? Do you still believe there is such a thing as "good" and "bad" hair? Do you think that women who straighten their hair are betraying their roots?

Chris Rock's Good Hair hits theaters nationally tomorrow, Oct. 23rd.