Wrath of The Titans Star Edgar Ramirez Talks Love And War (Exclusive Interview)

Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez puts on armor for a lead role as the god of war in the big-budget fantasy film Wrath of the Titans. Ramirez spoke to Latina exclusively about his new role and his relationship status. Find out all of his answers below!

1. Edgar Ramirez: Wrath of the Titans

Tell us about your character in Wrath of Titans?

"He’s one of the first Gods from the Olympus—he’s very proud and devoted to battle—and of course to war. He’s been defending his father and the Gods for thousands and thousands of years."

2. Edgar Ramirez: 2

What interested you in the role?

"What I find interesting about this character is that he’s looking for his father’s acceptance—he’s looking for his father’s approval in a way. Because he’s been fighting to defend his father for thousands of thousands of years, and when he feels like his father is not recognizing that—he freaks out."

3. Edgar Ramirez: 3

You've played some pretty dark roles. How do you approach them?

"In the deepest darkest places, I try to find the slightest way of light, and then in a room full of lights, I try to find the dark spots.  I’m definitely interested in exploring human contradictions. Contradictions are what make us human—it’s what defines us as human beings. Contradictions are what make characters interesting and I’ve been lucky to be presented with characters who have a lot of contradictions."

4. Edgar Ramirez: 4

Since Carlos came out and you won a bunch of nominations and awards, has it become impossible to go out in public without being recognized?

"Well, the whole recognition thing, I try not to let it get out of proportion. I don’t take it that seriously. Whenever someone comes up to me saying “I saw you in Carlos and then I saw the rest of your movies,” for me, it’s an expression that we might be doing something well. So my life hasn’t changed that much. I just try not to go to very crowded places if I’m not in the mood."

5. Edgar Ramirez: 5

Is there someone special currently in your life?

"Not right now. I mean, that someone special? No. If I have a girlfriend and I’m in a relationship? I am not. I have fun. I travel. But I’m not in a relationship."