Wilmer Valderrama "Clicked" with Tom Hanks on 'Larry Crowne' Set

While filming his new movie Larry Crowne (opening on Friday), Wilmer Valderrama got the opportunity to work with two of his acting idols—Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.

“I got quickly reminded of how much fun it’s supposed to be,” Wilmer said about Hanks’s vibrant sense of humor. “Seeing Tom going back to his old days is just so neat.”

Crushing On...Wilmer Valderrama

Valderrama, known for his role as Fes on That 70s Show which was cancelled back in 2006, had not taken on many comedic roles since. “Tom really encouraged us to bring ourselves into the character-enhancing moments and to be funny,” Wilmer said of the return to his roots.

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He also admits that he could “not keep a straight face” while watching Tom at work. “We kind of have a really similar theory and we just clicked!” Valderrama gushed of his costar.

Check out the trailer below and look for Valderrama in Larry Crowne hitting movie theaters on July 1!