EXCLUSIVE: William Levy on Why His Role in ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ is “The One”

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You said that you were a fan of the movies before, which one was your favorite?

The first one and then of course this one. I think it’s the best one and not because I’m in it. [Laughs]. Honestly, I think you can ask everyone and they will tell you the same thing. It’s the one that has the most action from beginning to end. It doesn’t have one moment for you to sit down and relax. It’s an action rollercoaster!

What was it like filming all of those action scenes?

I love it! I’m an action freak. [Laughs]. I love all kinds of action so these are the kind of roles that really give you a chance to enjoy that not only as an actor but as part of the audience. People are going to go and have a blast watching this movie. It’s one of those movies that if you take a girl to the movie theater on a date, you are going to have her on top of you all night. [Laughs]. These are the kind of movies that I used to take my girl to. Every time I met a girl I would take her to watch a horror movie.

That was the trick, right?

That was the trick. [Laughs]. You got me. I’m done. I have to find a new one now. [Laughs]

Do you have any funny stories from the set?

There were a lot of fun, crazy and dangerous moments on set. People got injured but this is what happens when you shoot a movie like this. You are risking a lot. I came into this movie knowing I was risking my telenovela career.

How do you think that your roles in telenovela’s helped you prepare for this role?

I don’t think they helped me prepare for this role in any way because I think they are very different. I think working in Spanish television is one of the hardest things an actor can actually do. I really have a lot of respect for everybody and all of us who worked on Spanish telenovelas because it’s not the kind of soap operas that people are used to. You get to do different emotions and scenes in one day, very fast so it helps in that sense. It helps learning how to make a transition from one emotion to another, very quickly. I don’t think people realize how hard it is to work in telenovelas.

This is being considered your big break out role, how do you feel about that?

I’m expecting that. [Laughs]. I’m here crossing my fingers but I think it is. I’ve done a couple of movies before but I think of those movies, this is the most important due to the big franchise that it is. Due to the big fan base that it has around the world so you are getting into different markets. A lot of people are going to see my work and this could be what I need to crossover. 

Make sure to catch the film out in theaters on January 27, 2017.