Will Javier Bardem Go Nude in New James Bond Film?

Javier Bardem will show a lot of skin in the new James Bond film. Or so said the Spanish actor’s co-star, Daniel Craig, at a press conference yesterday.

Is Javier Bardem the New James Bond?

“Javier’s stripped naked for most of the movie,” Craig said of 42-year-old Bardem, who is set to play the film’s villain. “It’s when I keep my shirt on we should be talking about.”

The 23rd installment in the James Bond movie series is titled, Skyfall, and will be directed by Sam Mendes. It starts shooting this week at London’s Whitehall and will move on to film in China, Istanbul, and Scotland.

In addition to Bardem and Craig as Bond, Tr3s is reporting that actors Albert Finney and Ralph Fiennes will also join the film’s cast. Earlier this fall, Bardem confirmed his role to ABC’s Nightline. “I am very excited,” he said. “My parents took me to watch the movies and I saw all of them.”

Javier Bardem Confirms He’ll Play a Villain in “Bond 23”

This isn’t Bardem’s first time playing a villain. He won a Best Supporting Oscar for his performance in No Country for Old Men as Anton Chigurh, a killer with a horrid temperment (and haircut). It is still quite a while before we will see Skyfall on the big screen—the film isn’t due out until October 26, 2012. So, in the meantime, here's a reminder of just how good Javier is at being bad...