White Boys We Love Slideshow

1. White Boys We Love1

James McAvoy (Wanted)

Even though we've seen him in movies before, we first stood up and took notice of this Scottish hottie last year in the Academy Award-nominated film Atonement. Ever since then, we can't get enough of James' sexy Scottish brogue or his piercing blue eyes. Luckily, we won't have to wait long to see either again—James stars opposite Angelina Jolie in this summer's Wanted


2. White Boys We Love2

Justin Timberlake (The Love Guru)

We love a man who can, err, fill out his speedos. Looks like Justin Timberlake isn't having any trouble in that department, based on stills from his new movie The Love Guru (which also stars Mike Myers and Jessica Alba). Besides significant junk in his trunks, Justin also clearly has a good sense of humor. Oh yeah, and lets not forget his dance floor moves. Now, all we need to do is get rid of his pesky girlfriend, Jessica Biel.

3. White Boys We Love3

Ben Barnes (The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian)

There's something about a man in armor with a sword strapped to his back that makes us drift off into Robin Hood fantasies. British heartthrob Ben Barnes gets our imaginations going as young Prince Caspian in the new Chronicles of Narnia film, in theaters now. The single star described what he looks for in a woman to TeenHollywood.com: "They've just got to be someone who enjoys life and enjoys a laugh and has a good appetite for life in general. I can't stand it when I take someone to a restaurant and they order a salad." So remember girls, if you ever find yourself on a date with Ben Barnes, don't hold back on the tres leches cake after your bandeja paisa.

4. White Boys We Love4

Emile Hirsch (Speed Racer)

2004's The Girl Next Door, starring Elisha Cuthbert as a porn star with a heart of gold, may have been the ultimate guy's movie, but we had our eyes glued to the nerd next door, Emile Hirsch. Though he was only 19 when the film was made, Emile had a maturity beyond his years, and acting chops to match. This year, Emile is all grown up with a Golden Globe nomination for his role in Into the Wild and top billing on a summer blockbuster, Speed Racer. Ladies, start your engines...

5. White Boys We Love5

Seth Rogen (Pineapple Express)

If you're the type of girl who is attracted to guys that make you laugh, prepare to fall in love with Seth Rogen. The unlikely hero shot to fame after starring in last year's Knocked Up, and followed up his success with high-larious roles in Superbad and this summer's Pineapple Express. Up next, Seth goes action hero on us as the new Green Hornet in the big screen adaptation of the classic comic. Does that mean this soft-and-cuddly dude will morph into a tanned, ripped superstar? For some reason, we hope not.

6. White Boys We Love6

Lee Pace (The Fall)

Who can resist a guy who can make magical pies? Not us. Lee Pace had us eating out of his hand from the very first episode of his hit show Pushing Daisies, in which he plays a pie-maker with supernatural powers to bring people back from the dead. The show, which returns to air this fall, has been the buzz of the town because of it's charming dialogue, and Lee's dreamy eyes and sweet smile. This summer, Lee explores his darker side in experimental director Tarsem Singh's The Fall. Nothing wrong with trying new things, but to us, nothing satisfies our hunger like a slice of pie.  

7. White Boys We Love7

Shia LeBeouf (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)

He's been pegged as the Next Big Thing since his mainstream debut in the hit movie Holes, but Shia LeBeouf has finally come into his bad boy self. All grown up, the curly-haired actor balances a confident swagger and surly habits (he's a chain smoker and tattoo aficionado) with smart career moves and acting chops that got even Steven Spielberg's attention. Has the world finally found it's next Harrison Ford? We think so.  

8. White Boys We Love8

James Franco (Pineapple Express)

Even long, scraggly hair and a stoner glaze in his eyes can't take away from the sheer dreaminess of James Franco. With looks and swagger that channel James Dean, Franco first set our tails wagging as Willem Defoe's son in Spiderman, and his turning to the dark side in later installments of the franchise did nothing to kill our desire. This summer, we see James in a decidedly different role—pothead sidekick to Seth Rogen in Pineapple Express, also starring Rosie Perez.