What's-His-Name to Star Opposite Jennifer Lopez in New Romantic Comedy

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Further proving that someone in Hollywood is out to sabotage Jennifer Lopez's career, CBS Films has decided to cast Alex O'Loughlin, a virtual unknown, as her male co-star in the upcoming romantic comedy, Plan B (or The Back-Up Plan, depending on whether you're reading Variety or The Hollywood Reporter). La Lopez will play a single woman who resorts to artificial insemination to start a family only to discover that she's finally pregnant on the same day she meets the man of her dreams (played by O'Loughlin). Hijinx, we're guessing, ensue.

This sounds like a darker, less appealing twist on Knocked Up...and whose idea was it to cast O'Loughlin in the movie that is supposed to resuscitate Lopez's acting career? Sure, he's also supposed to be starring in some crime drama with Kate Beckinsdale called Whiteout, but that doesn't sound like a great idea, either. Is this some kind of cruel ploy by Marc Anthony to keep his wife at home with the twins? Very suspicous, indeed...


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