What to Watch: 'Tower Heist'

Do not mess with the blue-collar worker. That’s one of the biggest lessons learned in the new action-comedy film Tower Heist! The film, directed by Brett Ratner (Rush Hour, X-Men: The Last Stand), hits theaters this weekend.

Set in New York City, Tower Heist centers on an eclectic group of hotel workers who plan on stealing $20 million from Arthur Shaw, a Wall Street tycoon (Alan Alda) who screwed them over by swindling their retirement funds. Led by the hotel’s manager Josh (Ben Stiller), the group seeks help from Slide, an experienced hustler played by funny man Eddie Murphy.

While we have to give Murphy props for his comedic comeback, the character who arguably steals Tower Heist’s spotlight is played by none other than Mexican American actor Michael Peña. The 35-year-old, best known for his somber roles in Crash and World Trade Center, plays Dev'Reaux, a lazy and dimwitted bellhop who joins the group aimed at taking what they believe is rightfully theirs.

In a recent interview with Complex, Peña said he thought the script was awesome when he first read it. “At the time, my dad was out of work, and my brother was out of work for a little bit, so, for me, it was totally satisfying,” the actor said. “Yeah, I’m living in Hollywood and I’m making movies, but it goes beyond me. If my family is not doing very well, or even okay, you want them to be better.”

Do you plan on watching the hilarious Tower Heist? Check out the trailer for the film below: