What to Watch: Ranchero

We could very well rename this column the “What to Watch That Danny Trejo Stars In” because the prolific Mexican American actor seems to release a new movie every week! And we love him for it. Ranchero is his new indie film, opening today in limited theaters across the country. Directed by newcomer Richard Kaponas, Ranchero is a fish-out-of-water story focused on aspiring photographer Jesse Torres (Roger Gutierrez), who leaves his Sacramento cattle-ranch life for the mean streets of Los Angeles. Once there, he has a hard time adjusting to the pace and characters–some of them menacing and not least of all Trejo, who plays an aging gangster (a role Trejo was born to play). Jesse relies on his childhood friend Tom (played by Brian Eric Johnson, who also penned the script) to navigate his new life, only to discover Tom isn’t who he knew growing up.

Eventually Jesse decides that it’s his mission to save his love interest, the troubled Lil' Bit (played by Christina Woods) from herself —only he’ll have to confront Trejo in order to do so, and trust us—no one messes with Holmes! Reminds us of another recent Trejo flick, Machete, directed by his second cousin Robert Rodriguez, where he goes: “They just f**ked with the wrong Mexican!”