What to Watch: 'Jack and Jill'

Do you have that one family relative who gets under your skin like no other? We all do. Now, you can revel in someone else’s misery in the new comedy film Jack and Jill. Directed by Dennis Dugan, the film hits theater nationwide today.

Jack and Jill centers on Jack Sadelstein (Adam Sandler), an advertising executive from Los Angeles who dreads the yearly visit by his twin sister, Jill (also played by Sandler). Every Thanksgiving, Jill travels from New York City’s Bronx borough to visit Jack and his family in L.A., and brings her passive-aggressiveness and obnoxious behavior with her.

Tension skyrockets between the adult twins when Jill refuses to leave, even forwarding her mail to Jack’s house.

Sandler isn’t the only one playing with gender in Jack and Jill. Starring alongside the comedian is Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez, who plays Felipe, Jack’s gardener as well as Felipe’s grandmother. In the film, Felipe meets Jill and the two begin a flirtatious relationship.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Jack and Jill’ Star Eugenio Derbez: “I Feel Proud To Be Playing A Mexican Gardener”

In an exclusive interview with Latina.com today, 49-year-old Derbez shared his thoughts on what some perceive as an issue with him playing “the help” (roles such as maids, cooks, etc.).

“People are never happy,” he told us. “They’re always complaining about something – if they see a Latino star portraying a gardener, they may get mad because they think it’s a “stereotype” of a gardener. And if they put a [non-Latino] star [in the role], they complain because it’s not a Mexican, but an American playing a Mexican.” Derbez added that he is good friends with a few gardeners and he is proud of portraying one in the film.

Check out the trailer for Jack and Jill below: