What to Watch: 'Immigration Tango'

We all know Carlos Leon as Lourdes’s papi, but earlier this year, he proved he’s got some acting chops, too! Leon stars in the romantic comedy Immigration Tango, about an immigrant couple in Florida (a Colombian, played by Leon, and a Russian, played by Elika Portnoy) who strikes a deal with their best friends, an American couple (Ashley Wolfe and McCaleb Burnett) to inter-marry in order to stay in the U.S. legally.

New on DVD, the film takes a lighter approach on the complicated issue of immigration. According to Leon, “it’s light-hearted because it’s a love story…however, I think it has a strong message.” Leon was born and raised in New York but is the child of Cuban immigrants, so he says this movie was very personal for him.

EXCLUSIVE: Carlos Leon Does the ‘Immigration Tango’ in New Romantic Comedy

Watch the trailer below: