What to Watch: 'Blackthorn'

In the new film Blackthorn, we’re thrust into a blend of legendary tale of adventure in Latin America, with a good old fashioned Western twist. The film (out now OnDemand and October 7th in limited theaters across the U.S.) is helmed by Spanish filmmaker Mateo Gil, known mainly for his screenplays (he wrote the Spanish hit film, Abre Los Ojos, remade in English as Vanilla Sky). Blackthorn is Gil’s second feature and this 39-year-old may just be the future of Spanish filmmaking.

The film stars Spanish actor Eduardo Noriega (Abre Los Ojos, Vantage Point) and centers on legendary bandit Butch Cassidy (played by Sam Shephard), who has been living in Bolivia for two decades since his disappearance in 1908 as the film begins. Having reinvented himself as James Blackthorn, Cassidy wants to head back to the United States, but before that can happen, a reckless mine robber (played by Noriega) pulls the reluctant Cassidy into one last adventure.

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This film is unique and may be the only Spanish language true Western made, at least its the only one we've ever seen! Blackthorn was one of the films Latina.com highlighted from this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, so we believe it has some real promise.

Check out the trailer for Blackthorn below: