WATCH: Sofia Vergara Flirts with Conan & The Three Stooges

The Three Stooges are back, and Colombian actress Sofia Vergara has a starring role! Moe, Larry, and Curly are beng revived in the upcoming slapstick comedy titled The Three Stooges. Directed by Bobby and Peter Farrelly, the film follows the stooges as they return to their childhood orphanage. The trio accidentally stumbles into a murder plot while trying to save the home, and somehow end up on a successful TV reality show.

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So will we see 39-year-old Vergara join in the stooges’ slapstick routines? We’re not sure – but we do know that her character’s name is Lydia and, of course, she’s a femme fatale. We're sure she nailed that role! The Three Stooges hits theatres on April 13, 2012.

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Vergara was also on Conan recently and spoke to host Conan O'Brien about having people mistake her 20-year-old son for her brother. "I love it when people get confused... I really enjoy it," the hilarious actress said. "But he hates it!"

Check out Vergara's interview with O'Brien below and the trailer for The Three Stooges and tell us what you think: