WATCH: Selena Gomez Speaks With a British Accent in 'Monte Carlo'

Oh Selena Gomez, you spoil us! Not only is the Mexican singer's third studio album, When the Sun Goes Down dropping today, but there's also a new sneak peek for Selenita's upcoming travel-flick, Monte Carlo available online!

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In the new movie (which opens in theaters nationwide on July 1st), Selena plays Grace, a Texas teen who gets a dream trip to Paris, and is later mistaken for a snotty English heiress named Cordelia. 

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“I was really nervous because Cordelia is a totally different character, completely evil and she had an accent," Selena told reporters in New York last week about playing two girls in the movie. But in the clip below, Selena proves she had nothing to worry about - her British accent is sublime! Cheerio, Selena!