WATCH: "Mean Girls" Deleted Scene Shows Who's Really The Evil One



'Tis the season to grab your red leather skirts and "Jingle Bell Rock" your way to Christmas. The mean girls of North Shore High hit the screen over 10 years ago, but we still can't get enough of them! With a Mean Girls musical hitting the Broadway stage in March of 2018 and a makeup palette inspired by the evil girls themselves, there's no denying that we still secretly dance like Amy Poehler while we watch the film for the 100th time. 

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Our favorite girl squad has not only inspired our dance moves but, let's be real, they also taught us a thing or two about how to be evil. But the chicas shouldn't be getting all the credit. Damian, played by Daniel Franzese, was right with Cady (Lindsay Lohan) when all the chisme went down. From foot facials to "stealing" Cady's purse, he was one of the masterminds behind the plot to take the queen bee down.

So, as Mean Girls has been popping up on our TL more than ever lately, Refinery29 dug up a hilarious scene that was cut from the classic. In this hilarious scene, Damian unscrews the cafeteria table in hopes Regina's outfit would be ruined, but sadly, poor Karen gets caught in the crossfire instead. Watch the clip above.