WATCH: Jessica Alba Talks About Being a Jealous Wife

Jessica Alba might be playing the other woman in her upcoming comedy, Little Fockers (opening in theaters December 22), but in real life, the actress actually admits that she gets jealous easily when it comes to her husband, Cash Warren.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, the actress revealed that she gets “really crazy” when she sees her husband with another woman. “Even if my husband isn’t doing anything with someone that he works with, if they are even remotely attracted or have a little bit of energy—or if they have even a little cute word back and forth—I get really crazy,” says Alba. “And I don’t make any sense.”

When Polo asked Alba if it was difficult playing the other woman in the movie, Alba explained that her character isn’t your typical, vindictive homewrecker.

“I don’t think she’s malicious, and I don’t think she's mean spirited," says Alba. "I think shes just a cooky, crazy, fun chick and she's almost childlike and innocent."

Alba said her husband, Cash was trying to show off recently with his friends during a game of tag football, and sustained an injury that forced him to take off his wedding ring. "He had his ring cut off and he's like, 'Babe, everyone knows I'm married,' and i'm like, 'Oh hell no, you're wearing that ring again,' " said Alba.