WATCH: Gael Garcia Bernal & Kate Hudson Share a Little Bit of Heaven

Gael Garcia Bernal has been testing the waters with a few mainstream romantic comedies. Perhaps Hollywood is ready for a new Latino leading man? Cause we know we are!

In this new film, A Little Bit of Heaven, Bernal plays a doctor tending to Kate Hudson, who discovers she has (possibly terminal) cancer. Of course, they fall in love—the problem is that Hudson's character is a high-powered career woman who has never really recognized the value of relationships. Then again, a cancer diagnosis has a way of putting things into perspective quite quickly. Oh, and there is that whole patient/doctor line that shouldn't be crossed, but we're just going to ignore that one. We wouldn't even think twice if Gael was our doctor, so how we can expect Ms. Hudson to do the same?

Check out the trailer below: