WATCH: Christina Aguilera & Cher Interview Each Other

Christina Aguilera sat down with her costar, Cher for an interview for MovieFone's Unscripted about their new movie, Burlesque, which opens in theaters across the country on November 24.

When the legendary Cher asked Christina why she chose Burlesque as her major film debut, Aguilera said the decision had to do, in part, with the Oscar-winning actress herself. "The answer is sitting right in front of me," said Aguilera.


Christina added that she's always been fascinated by the burlesque art form. "The actual word 'burlesque' has always intrigued and inspired me in my work, and my personal life," she said. And when she met the movie's director, Steve Antin, Christina says she was sure it was the right movie for her to make. "I was able to realize what his vision was and how elegant and beautiful he was going to shoot it," said Aguilera. "I was like 'Sign me up,' and the rest is history."


Still, the talented singer admits she was nervous about messing up the part. "I had to improvise my lines," Christina said of a scene in which her costars Cher and Oscar nominee Stanley Tucci asked her to throw out the script. "It was the most nerve-wracking moment," adds Christina. But Cher said Christina had nothing to be nervous about. "You impressed me," she said. Watch the lovefest above.