You Need to See Becky G's New Movie Trailer For 'Gnome Alone'


The gorgeous Becky G is back with a new venture: playing the voice of Latina girl and protagonist, Chloe, in a new animated film, Gnome Alone. 

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Judging by the title's play on words and exclusive trailer, the movie looks like it will be the next action-packed, entertaining, and promising movie of the year.


Chloe is weary of her surroundings when her family moves to a new town. And when she realizes her new home is old, rickety and looks like it might be haunted, her ill feelings are validated. To add insult to injury, the place is crawling with creepy little garden gnomes!

Much to her surprise, Chloe joins forces with the head gnome (George Lopez) and her geeky neighbor, Liam (played by Josh Peck) in the most epic battle against the alien "Troggs". Together, the triumphant trio take on the world from the comfort of Chloe’s humble abode! 

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The actress starred in the latest Power Ranger movie as Trini, the yellow ranger. This milestone marked her as the first Latina hero in a movie! 2017 just keeps getting better for the brunette beauty; we can’t wait to watch “Gnome Alone,” set to debut in theaters October 13.

Check out the exclusive trailer BELOW: