WATCH: Antonio Banderas Calls Salma Hayek a "Frenchy"

Our November cover girl Salma Hayek is very French now, at least according to her Puss in Boots co-star and friend Antonio Banderas. The Mexican actress was with Banderas recently for a sit-down interview with Univision’s Aqui y Ahora to promote the new animated film (out in theaters tomorrow), when host Teresa Rodriguez asked if they had ever been attracted to each other, as in, sexually. Hayek responded immediately, "He's been married forever!"

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Banderas joked, "Nah, she's become French. She has even changed the color of her hair!” as Hayek sucked her teeth and laughed in response. Now that she is married to François-Henri Pinault, the third richest man in France, Hayek spends most of her time in the European country. But, she still doesn't speak the language very well. “Sometimes I have to speak because there’s no other way out,” she admitted with a chuckle.

Salma Hayek is Latina’s November Cover Girl!

Check out the funny interview below: