WATCH: Alex Meraz from 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn' On Crazy Fans!

Everyone knows many Twilight fans are crazy… err, we mean zealous.

At the Twilight: Breaking Dawn premiere in Los Angeles, star Alex Meraz shared one of his craziest fan moments with Pop Sugar. The hottie actor of Mexican indigenous descent plays a werewolf named Paul in the Twilight series.

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During a signing, Meraz said he had a female fan vomit on him once. The actor said she brought him Meraz’s headshot and then threw up on him. “I was hoping from excitement and not disgust,” Meraz said of the fan throwing up on him, “so I did the gentlemanly thing and I pulled her hair up while she did her business.” Other Meraz fans have had his image tattooed on their bodies. Ladies and gentlemen… that is permanent.

“I was pretty terrified getting out of the car,” Meraz said at the movie's premiere last night. We can't blame him!

Check out Meraz’s Pop Sugar interview below: