Vote For Pablo: "My Invisible Friend"

The once indie-friendly Sundance Film Festival has become so infested with A-list stars in recent years that getting attention for a small film with a no-name cast is nearly impossible—especially if the film is under twenty minutes long. But Barcelona-based Pablo Larcuen managed to do just that with his creative, hilarious short film My Invisible Friend, which can only be described as the Spanish Napoleon Dynamite.

With one of the most buzz-worthy shorts in the festival, Larcuen managed even to out-shine super-hottie James Franco—whose short film Herbert White screened in the same program—during the post-screening Q&A session. Wearing his trademark pink aviators and Wayne’s World cap, Larcuen immediately won over the audience with his droll sense of humor. When an audience member asked each of the directors what inspired their respective films, Larcuen followed Franco’s long-winded, esoteric answer by deadpanning that, “I was in my third year of film school and they wouldn’t let me graduate until I made a good film.” We’re pretty sure he earned his degree and will be keeping an eye out for this rising star in the future.

Check out the trailer for My Invisible Friend: