Video: Sneak Peek at "Sugar," Dominican Immigrant Tale Turned Indie Film Hit

Even the most praise-lavished movies on the festival circuit can take a year or more to make it to the general public, and Sugar is no different. This touching indie film, about a young Dominican baseball player whose talent brings him to Major League baseball tryouts in the U.S., first popped up on our radar when it premiered to much hype at last year's Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for the fest's top honor, the Grand Jury Prize. Now it's up for Best Screenplay at next week's Independent Spirit Awards, which again, is great and all, but we want everyday folks to see it, too!

Finally, the rest of us can see what the magic of this little movie is all about starting April 3, when Sony Pictures Classics releases it for a theatrical run that will expand throughout the spring. Check out a sneak peek of the film in the trailer below, which shows protagonist Miguel "Sugar" Santos (played by the boyishly handsome Algenis Perez Soto) simultaneously finding his way through an unfamiliar country in the competitive world of pro béisbol, set to a bachata soundtrack.

WATCH: Official Movie Trailer for Sugar