VIDEO: Introducing Andy Garcia's Daughter, Dominik Garcia-Lorido

EXCLUSIVE: Dominick Garcia

Meet Cuban actor Andy Garcia's gorgeous daughter, Dominik Garcia-Lorido! The stunning 28-year-old actress, whose acting credits include roles in the indies, The Lost City (2005), and La Linea (2009), has a new starring role in Magic City Memoirs, a coming of age story set in Miami about a group of privileged high school students who get in way over their heads. 

The film, which screened at the HBO New York Latino Film Festival on Friday, was executive produced by Dominik's dad (the legendary Mr. Garcia). We caught up with the young actress on the red carpet for Magic City Memoirs on Thursday night, and while it was clear to us that Dominik and her father have a tight bond, it was also clear that she's not the type of girl to sit around waiting for her famous dad to open doors for her in Hollywood. 

The opinionated actress had this to say when we asked her to name one Hollywood star whose career she would like to emulate. "I don’t really want to emuate anyone's career—I'm my own person and I have my own path and I don’t really know where I'm going. I've never really focused on that. I've never tried to be the next...whatever." We love that independent spirit!

Dominik also explained that she doesn't consider herself a "Latina," but rather a proud Cubana. "I never call myself a Latina. I say Cuban," she explained. "I love being Cuban because I feel like there's a real sense of family and a real sense of tradition, and love for our country. I feel a connection to someone who’s Cuban without even meeting them before, just because of that—because our culture is so strong.”

After serving as Miss Golden Globe in 2003, and being named to People Magazine's list of Hollywood's Next Generation of Beauties in 2011, Dominik landed a starring role in the new Starz TV series, Magic City—a new drama set in 1950s Miami, which is set to air in 2012, and stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Danny Huston. Something tell us we'll be seeing a lot more of Dominik in the years to come!