Video: Gael García Bernal Plays Shaggy Cowboy in "The Limits of Control"

As this trailer for Jim Jarmusch's new movie, The Limits of Control (out May 22), so aptly demonstrates, a scraggly-haired Gael García Bernal is better than no Gael at all. The Mexican actor plays a philosopher-cowboy type in the legendary indie director's new film, which was shot in Almería, Sevilla and Madrid, Spain and co-stars Jarmusch regulars Bill Murray and Isaach De Bankolé, Spanish actress Paz de la Huerta and Oscar-winner Tilda Swinton


Based on the gorgeous shots, which are handled with care by Wong Kar Wai's longtime cinematographer Christopher Doyle, and García Bernal's lone quote in this haunting, sparsely worded preview—"Everything's imagined. Something the reflection is far more present, than the thing being reflected."—we're already sold.

Are you looking forward to seeing this film?