Video: Actress Yasmin Deliz Brings the Laughs in “Next Day Air”

The film Next Day Air, directed by Benny Boom and starring Donald Faison, Cisco Reyes and Mos Def, is a clever action comedy about an unmotivated courier (Faison) who delivers the wrong package to two inadequate criminals (Wood Harris and Mike Epps), who subsequently try to sell the 10 kilos of high-quality cocaine found in said package. That is, until the rightful owners of the product show up looking for their stash. Of course, lots of hilarity and well crafted insanity ensues in between. Think of this film as Guy Ritchie meets Quentin Tarantino, but featuring all black and brown actors. Our favorite part of the film was watching Yasmin Deliz play Chita, a strong ride-or-die chick who would literally stop at nothing to hold down her man (Reyes). Check her out in this clip from Next Day Air, in theatres May 8th.