'The Forest' is Bringing All the Thrills in Latest Trailer!

'The Forest' is Bringing all the Thrills in Latest Trailer!

The Forest is bringing the all the chills with its latest trailer. 

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Starring Natalie Dormer and Taylor Kinney, The Forest tells the story of Sara (played by Dormer) who goes on a search to find her missing twin sister and winds up in Aokigahara Forest. Located at the northwest base of Mount Fiji in Japan, the woodland area is known by many as "The Suicide Forest."

Dormer's character is told multiple times not to "stray from the path" but she moves forth anyway in order to find out the truth about her sister, only to be confronted by tormented souls in the forest. This place is real and has one of the highest rates of suicides in the entire world.

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Check out the frightening trailer below and make sure to check it out when it hits theaters on January 8: