Summer Movie (Rental) Guide!

Nothing says summer like going to the movies! And with mega hits The Dark Knight Rises, Brave, The Avengers, and more already in theaters, this summer promises to be a record-breaker in more than one way. But if you're looking to enjoy a movie from the comfort of your own home (and save a little money to boot), we've got you covered. So pop some popcorn and check out our summer movie rental guide, plus what new movies are worth the ticket price.

If you're excited for: The Dark Knight Rises (in theaters now)

Watch: The Fantastic Four

If your adrenaline's still pumping after The Dark Knight Rises, pop in one of our favorite action flicks: The Fantastic Four. Starring Jessica Alba, the movie features it all: action, evil villains and romance. And there's nothing better than seeing Alba (one of our favorite Latinas!) taking names and kicking butt.

If you're excited for: Total Recall (in theaters August 3rd)

Watch: Total Recall (the original)!

Set in 2084, Total Recall features everybody's favorite Irishman Colin Farrell as a factory worker named Douglas Quaid. After visiting Rekall, a company that provides its customers with fake memories of lives they wish they could have led, Quaid begins to suspect that he's really a spy and that someone is trying to kill him. We're excited to see the remake--after all, no one does "hot man in a crisis" better than Farrell--and we love that the new film features British bombshell Kate Beckinsale as Farrell's wife, but we don't think anyone can play the character of Melina as well as Puerto Rican actress Rachel Ticotin did in the original. If you don't recognize Ticotin in the original, you might recognize her from her roles in Law and Order, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Don Juan de Marco, and Lost.

If you're excited for: Brave (in theaters now)

Watch: Ice Age

Who says you have to be a kid to love Pixar films? If you haven't yet seen Brave, go see it. Not only does it star Pixar's first female protagonist, but Princess Merida, the heroine, is one of the few princesses who doesn't need to be rescued by Prince Charming and his handsome steed. If you're in the mood for another feel-good film, re-watch Ice Age. Emphasizing the importance of friendship, it stars Ray Romano as Manny the mammoth, Colombian-American John Leguizamo as Sid the sloth, and Dennis Leary as Diego the smilodon as they try to return a lost human baby to its mother.

If you're excited for: Hope Springs (in theaters August 10th)

Watch: Our Family Wedding

Raise your hand if you love rom-coms! Yes, yes, we know they're cheesy, but sometimes that's just what you want. So bring on the cheese with Our Family Wedding. It stars America Ferrera as Lucia Ramirez, a young Mexican-American woman who falls in love with an African-American man named Marcus. When they get engaged and tell their parents, all hell breaks loose and all Lucia and Marcus can do is hold on for the bumpy ride that becomes their wedding planning. We've loved Ferrera since we saw her in Real Women Have Curves, and though the movie didn't win any awards, she and actor Lance Gross, who plays her fiancee, have enough chemistry to carry the film through to the end.

If you're excited for: Sparkle (in theaters August 17th)

Watch: Selena

Although Sparkle was supposed to be Whitney Houston's big comeback, the film is now being dedicated to her family. A remake of the 1976 Motown classic, the new version features Houston in her last performance, as well as pop singing sensation Jordin Sparks as Sparkle Williams, a girl from Harlem who dreams of making it big in the music industry. If you're up for another music legacy story, pop in Selena, the 1997 biographical film of Selena Quintanilla Perez, which stars Jennifer Lopez as Selena and details her journey as a little girl from Corpus Christi, TX, to the worldwide music stage as the queen of Tejano music to her tragic and untimely death at 23. Be warned: If you haven't seen it, you'll definitely cry, so have the tissues handy. And even if you have seen it, you'll probably still cry. Seriously.