Style Lounge Is Back! Top 6 Most Fashionable Movies Ever

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Wow, today is my first day blogging about fashion for How thrilling! If you’re a regular reader (and you better be!) you might recognize some of my regular columns, like Street Life, on our Fashion and Beauty channel. I’ve also written a good number of Latina cover stories on lovely ladies like Dania Ramirez and Alice Braga for the magazine.

Yesterday I had an amazing adventure: exploring Western Costume, a huge costume wardrobing warehouse deep in the hot and dusty San Fernando Valley. They had aisles of prairie dresses, Japanese armor and pirate costumes. It’s pretty much the go-to place for many of the big film productions.

Anyway, this little field trip had me thinking about how much of a huge impact film has on fashion. Of course, readers look to celebrities for their style cues and inspiration (so many of the Street Life readers say that Sex in the City is their most inspiring fashion film), but more hardcore fashionistas go farther than that, digging into the archives of old movies for new ideas that nobody else is up on yet, the next trends. I’ve rounded up a small list of movies that have inspired whole collections by fashion designers:

1. Love Story (1970)

Ali McGraw’s bone straight, hip-length hair, fuzzy sweaters, crisp oxfords and preppy East Coast style. A classic. I am still looking for that perfect brown saddlebag she carries in the film.

2. El Cantante (2006)

Captures the romance and glamour of the salsa world, and the sizzling chemistry of Marc and J.Lo too? Forget about it! Designers/stylists will be studying this one for a while.

3. Scarface (1983)

The rappers love it but so do the fashionistas, especially for the sultry cocktail dresses and ice cold style of Michelle Pfeiffer.

Stay tuned to for the rest of Serena's Top 6!