Study Guide: The Many Faces of Benicio del Toro

Casual fans of Benicio del Toro will tell you that the 41-year-old boricua actor has just one facial expression (an incredibly hot expression, natch), and it's called Brooding. Those people aren't paying enough attention.

Yes, there are plenty of Benicio faces that feature squinty-yet-smoldering eyes, pursed lips and furrowed, pensive brows. And yes, that look is masterfully on display in his new film, Ché, the biopic on Latin American revolutionary Ernesto Guevara that opens today at the IFC Centers in L.A. and N.Y.C. But there are oh-so-many more emotive dimensions to this leading man. Have we forgotten his breakout role in The Usual Suspects, where his fidgety mannerisms were practically visible in his cheekbones? Or his upcoming turn in The Wolfman, to which he brings a never-before-seen facial elasticity? If so, that's a shame.

Join us in this extensive study of the many faces of Benicio, in which we prove that brooding, while mesmerizing and beautiful to look at, isn't the only trick under his belt.


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