'Step Up: Revolution' Makes Us Want to Dance

We've been (somewhat impatiently) waiting for the dance movie of the summer and it's finally here! Step Up: Revolution opens this weekend with breakout stars Ryan Guzman and Kathryn McCormick dancing their butts off. Ryan Guzman's character, Sean, is the co-founder of a flash mob group that incorporates a myriad of dance styles and street art into their mobs. Kathryn McCormick plays Emily, the daughter of a hotel owner who quits school to dance -- against her father's wishes, of course. We should probably mention that Sean works for Emily's father but it's love at first hip hop routine.

Here at Latina, we're not only big fans of Ryan Guzman but also of the Step Up movies and So You Think You Can Dance, and Step Up: Revolution did not disappoint! Samantha Leal (the online editor) and I liked it so much we couldn't stop talking about it! Check out our review but be warned: there are some spoilers.

General Reaction

SALLY: This movie is so much fun! Ryan Guzman was absolutely adorable in it. Kathryn McCormick is flawless, as usual. Mia Michaels is terrifying in a completely hilarious way. tWitch is my husband, even if he doesn’t know it yet. Anything negative I have to say about this movie has nothing to do with the reasons for seeing it: music and dance. Those two things are perfect.

SAM: All I can say is, Ryan Guzman, you're single? I can guarantee that won't be the case once this thing hits on Friday. Holler! Honestly, you'll leave the theater just wanting to bust a move. (Or take some dance classes.)


Best Mob (Overall)

SAM: When they were coming down the escalators and worked some serious body moves, I was just like, "oh, dang!" Everyone was feeling it. Also, everyone looks better in a suit, right? (Clearly, this wasn't the point, but it's still true).

SALLY: Truth. It helps if you’re a lady wearing a vest with no shirt underneath because then it’s also sexy. Probably not appropriate for “business casual” but it definitely works for a flash mob.

This is probably cheating, but the finale was my favorite. The energy, the props, the music, the moves, the cameos, the sparks, everything about it was amazing. Admittedly, though, I spent a good portion of that time trying to remember Christopher Scott’s name so I may have missed something.


Best Mob Artwork

SALLY: Who knew you could make art out of forks?!

SAM: I really had to question the huge corporate greed monster installation. How did they have time to do that during a dance?! And why weren't they stopped and asked for a permit? They were building and welding outside of a huge corporate building!

SALLY: Well, it was a really long number so they might’ve had the time. I don’t know what Miami is like but maybe this sort of thing is totally normal. I mean, I was amazed that they made it through the first mob without any police interference whatsoever. They quite literally stopped traffic and there was no police insight, not even to walk by and see what was going on. You can’t eat a bagel in New York without a cop giving you the stink eye.

SAM: Maybe Eddy hacked the police dispatch so they couldn't report it. But yeah, you're right — that was a lot of time and not an officer in sight. But I guess they figure we'll be willing to suspend disbelief in a movie like this… which is true.


Best Dance Number

SALLY: Not gonna lie, this category basically exists so that I can sing Travis Wall’s praises. Emily and Sean’s dance is beautiful. Amazing. Incredible. I may have cried… or maybe my contact was just irritating me.

SAM: That was a little weird for me. I mean, it was super-pretty, but it just came during a weird time. Everyone's adrenaline was pumping with this huge finale and amazing cameos and then, let's do some lyrical or contemporary dancing? It was hot, but again, weird timing.

SALLY: You’re right, the timing was bizarre. But even our fellow noisy theater-goers got quiet! So in my head that means that if this happened in real life, the crowd would totally go for it. So what was your favorite number?

SAM: Does the escalator scene still count? Sorry, I just really liked it.

SALLY: It counts! It was really great.

SAM: I also liked that one move (they show it in the trailer) when they first meet and Emily grabs Sean's neck and dips, does the splits and gets back up again. That looked unreal. Is she human? I feel like this was the start of their love affair, no?

SALLY: Who wouldn’t start a love affair after that move, really?


Worst Rehearsal Space

SALLY: You’d think that having access to a warehouse would mean you don’t need other rehearsal spaces, yet they thought it was totally fine to rehearse on the beach. Not just on the beach, but in the water! Really? You’re practicing moves where she’s inverted and her head is near the ground, and you think the beach is the best place for that? I kept yelling in my head, “SHE’S GOING TO DROWN!”

SAM: Maybe not worst rehearsal space, but where did that freaking dance room come from in the hotel, where Sean finds Emily angry rehearsing? Most hotels don't have a huge dance rehearsal space with a random dance square… did her dad have that made specifically for her? I just don't know.

SALLY: At first I thought maybe she just travels around with a foldable dance floor but then I noticed the room had at least five mirrors – all of which looked quite heavy. Maybe Daddy doesn’t know the room exists?

SAM: Daddy issues are pretty prevalent in this movie.


Most Memorable Lines

SAM: To be honest, I don't really remember any lines from this movie. Does anyone really go to this thing for the dialogue?

SALLY: They don’t. Let’s move on!


Best Step Up Cameo

SAM: One word: MOOSE! He really didn't get enough time to shine in this, though. Which, I guess is fair. He was in Step Up 2: The Streets and, let's get real, was the true star of Step Up 3D, not that filmmaker guy. I guess they just needed model-esque people to put on a movie poster. (Sorry, Moose.)

SALLY: Agreed.


Best SYTYCD Cameo

SALLY: Phillip Chbeeb from season 5! I love him to pieces, of course, but I thought it was hilarious that they basically tried to hide him until halfway through the third mob. Was that just me? In the museum mob, I saw his arms move and immediately thought “Phillip!” but then they kept hiding his face behind other people’s faces and I couldn’t understand why. What’s up with that? You can’t hide Phillip from true fans.

SAM: tWitch! He had a legit part in this movie, too. Lines and everything! I was pumped.

SALLY: This movie wouldn’t have been the same without his signature tongue-sticking-out thing. Can he be in every dance movie ever, please?

SAM: Short answer: yes. You know, if I were calling the shots.


Are you excited about Step Up: Revolution? If you already saw it, what did you think? Make sure to check it out in theaters Friday, July 27!