Is Sofia Vergara Joining the "In the Heights" Movie?

Sofia Vergara just accepted a new role as the spokesperson for Xfinity TV, and now the Colombian actress tells TV Guide that she's close to winning another great part: the role of beauty salon owner Daniela in the movie version of Broadway's Tony-winning musical, In the Heights

As we reported last week, In the Heights creator Lin Manuel Miranda recently landed a guest spot on Sofia's hit ABC comedy, Modern Family. In his episode, which will air later this season, Lin will play the inventor of an innovative dog-training technique who Gloria (Vergara) brings home to meet Jay (Ed O'Neill). We're guessing these two hilarious stars got to talking on the set and Lin realized that Sofia would be perfect for the squeaky-voiced Daniela, a no-nonsense businesswoman who knows all of the chisme in the barrio of Washington Heights. 

But the part of Daniela, which is reportedly a dream role for Sofia, may not work out for the actress if the movie shoot, which is scheduled for this summer, goes long and interferes with shooting for Modern Family's third season.

We hope it works out: we can't think of a better Daniela!