'Shark Night 3D' Star Sara Paxton: "I'm Terrified of Sharks"

In Shark Night 3D (opening in theaters nationwide today), Sara Paxton plays a badass who confronts a lake full of sharks head on. But in real life, the half-Mexican actress says she’s not that fearless. “I used to surf and I don’t anymore because I’m terrified of sharks,” says the California native. “You know how there’s always that weird person swimming really far out? I always think, 'I’m good. The shark can eat them, not me!'"

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In the movie, a bunch of friends go to a deserted lake house to party, but discover that there are sharks in the lake. Sara's character (whose name is also Sara), seems like a sweet, innocent girl-next-door at first, but Paxton says she's hiding something. "As the movie progresses, you realize she has a dark past," she says. 

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With Shark Night guaranteed to freak us out at the multiplex this weekend, we asked Paxton to tell us what three moves scare her the most. Here's what she had to say:

The Exorcist (1973): "I still cannot watch that movie. I saw that movie when I was eight. I found it in the VHS drawer of my parents’ house and watched it. Afterwards, I grabbed my mom’s rosary and slept with it next to my bed."

Poltergeist: (1982): "I looked like that little blonde girl in pajamas, so I would watch the movie, and be like, “It’s me! I’m going to get possessed by the ghost!”

Jaws: (1975): "It scared the crap out of me. I’m really scared of sharks."