#Flashback: Behind the Scenes on the Set of 'Selena'

Selena hit theaters back in March 1997, two years following the untimely death of the beautiful Queen of Tejano. The film, which touched the hearts of so many around the world and brought to light the story of Selena Quintanilla, catapulted the career of Jennifer Lopez and brought together a few of our favorite Latinos whom were already well-known at the time, including Edward James Olmos and Lupe Ontiveros.

We stumbled across a few behind-the-scenes pics, thanks to Selena's brother A.B. Quintanilla, that we had never seen before and thought we'd share with you, too. Take a look:

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1. Selena Movie Set

An up-close shot of J.Lo dressed up as Queen Selena.

2. Selena Movie Set

Jon Seda as Chris Perez and Jacob Vargas as A.B.

3. Selena Movie Set

Is that Lopez's mami we see in the background?

4. Selena Movie Set

Scene from the final concert...