Selena Gomez in 'Spring Breakers': Girl Gone…Mild (Review)

Armed robbery! Cocaine binges! Threesomes...and Selena Gomez. Oh no! Have we lost the former Disney princess to the dark side? By now you’ve seen the Spring Breakers posters with the four girls (Gomez, fellow Disney alum Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine) wearing neon bikinis and “we don’t give a f---” expressions and thought, Wow I can’t believe Selena Gomez is part of this movie. Well, believe it. It’s happening. It happened.

But hold the R-rating. While countless breathless articles have been posted about Selena’s edgy entrance into more adult fare, she doesn’t exactly get in touch with her inner Lindsay Lohan in the Harmony Korine flick. Sure, she’s around when the girls gone wild scenarios are going down, but aside from doing a single, solitary bong hit, doesn’t partake.

Witness the intro scene, which gets you right into the action: Set on a beach, there are frat guys chugging liquor, topless coeds gyrating as if they worked the pole, Skrillex music, and bong hits for everyone. Where’s Selena? Cut to the interior of a church, where her character, Faith, is singing a Jesus-loves-me song in a prayer group—oh, the irony.

Though her walk down the wild side begins when she hooks up with her three wilder friends for a spring break trip to Florida, she’s not there when they rob a fried chicken joint to fund the trip. An innocent among vixens, she spends most of the trip trying to find herself and pondering her future…while her friends are busy getting busy, and high.

Spring Breakers is essentially a gangsta rap video set to electronic dance music—loud, brash, booty shaking, drugs, token white guy with cornrows, guns, and money or in other words a parent’s worst nightmare. Yet, Selena rises from the debauchery unscathed. 

So is this a letdown? Only if you’re a middle-aged pervert. To us, this is actually a really smart move on Selena’s part. Although signing up for a spring break flick and not going all the way is like being in a Martin Scorsese film and not shooting anyone, by easing into an edgier film, Selena gets to test her tolerance for the rough stuff without damaging her clean-cut image, and set herself up to be more Reese Witherspoon than Lohan. Somebody’s got to win the Oscars.

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